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The Job Summary of Legal Aid Commission on December 3, 2013

Since the implementation of legal aid system, legal aid commission totally received 405 formal applications out of 2,451 consultations. Among these formal applications, they can be divided into the following categories: civil litigation, criminal litigation, administrative litigation and labor litigation. Civil litigation accounted for the largest proportion, with a total of 278, which took up 69% of the overall applications. Within these civil litigations, divorcement litigation composed the majority, with a total of 118, which took up 42% of the overall civil litigations; while common declaration procedure occupied the second place, with a total of 65, which took up 23% of the overall civil litigations. Other applications included common execution, accounting statements of inventories, special proceeding, alimentary execution, standard exercise of parental responsibility, confirmation of foreign judgement and divorce by mutual consent. In terms of criminal litigation, there were 26 applications, which account for 6% of the overall applications. Among them, traffic accidents in terms of criminal litigation aligned with incidental civil claims formed the majority, with a total of 18, which accounted for 69% of the overall criminal litigations.

Up to the present, Legal Aid Commission has already approved 260 applications, 61 applications were not being granted, 11 applications were under abolishment and 24 applications were under self revocation by the applicants. Based on the not being granted applications, cases of exceeding the legal limit of available assets formed the majority, with 23 applications. There were other 17 applications belonged to the causes of action which were apparently not tenable. In addition to the not being granted applications, there were totally 9 of them submitted judicial representations. Among them, 4 of the complainants lost the lawsuits, 2 are still under trial and the rest of the 3 were under self revocation by the applicants.

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